imnot frickin gloomy.
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how many times must i tell you that i;m n0t glomey!

Greetings! I am an 18 year old amatuer poet and amatuer writer of fiction. I do not consider myself an extremely talented writer, but I enjoy writing nonetheless. Creating is an essential aspect of my personality, but despite the aspiration to do so, I tend to be lazy. I don't strive to share my creations, but it isn't an extreme loss if I do.

I'm introverted and I love black comedy. I dab in irony from time to time, which often leads to an extremely politically incorrect version of myself. "bUT iT's OnlY IrONy, my DeaR Phrotoe," I tell myself. I want to write a book completely in French one day, there's something about the language that I adore. I don't have huge personal plans for my future, but it's whatever. "Live life, don't plan to live it!" says my French teacher.

Personally, I am a person who believes that having a wide taste in music is critical. Why set on one single artist or one single genre? Surely there are at least a few more that a person could be interested in. That doesn't mean that I won't like you, though. I don't judge people based on their likes or preferences of music taste, nor any taste for the matter. It all comes down to if you're a good person or if you're not a good person. Being a good person, in my case, varies a ton. It doesn't necessarily mean you're some God-given human. It's the general idea of being good. Not "nice" or "sinless" or "honest" or "virtous". Just good.

I love twenty one pilots. I've loved them since the Vessel era, and I'm quite proud of them for becoming such a huge success. I'm not emo(tional) or anything, I just enjoy their music and, most importantly, their message. | - /