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A day of panic and desperation at the Cincinnati zoo. A 4-year-old boy slips into the zoo's gorilla habitat and over a moat wall. Suddenly, Harambe, a 17-year-old 400-pound gorilla approaches the boy. His mother watches in horror at what happens next.

Mommy's right here

Oooh, Harambe (Harambe)
We miss you
We want you to come back
Oooh, Harambe (Harambe) (Harambe)
You were so big and strong
And ever since you're gone (I can't sleep)
Life just ain't the same without you
Without you (without you)
When I woke up on the 28th of May
I looked at the TV with tears running down my cheeks
Oooh, I miss you, Harambe
I wish they took that mother's life instead
Uh, Harambe, Harambe (Harambe, Harambe)
I miss you (Harambe)
Harambe, why did you go?
Harambe, Harambe (Harambe)
I want you to come back
Is that so much to ask?
Harambe (Harambe)